• I have been taking Vedic healing sessions from Maa Shri and found them to be very good. While there is so much information available on the internet, choosing the right thing becomes even more confusing. She gave me mantras for well being, to help me, as per my requirements. During the healing sessions with her, we identified issues and worked on them. I am feeling good after meeting her. This is my first experience with Vedic healing and I am liking it now.!"

    Ashima Narang

  • I had taken sittings from Maa Shri during my exam time. Basically it was for meditation. It helped me release my stress to a great extend. also it had a lasting impact on me. Now i have a good control on my anger and i have started taking things on a positive note. It helped me change my perspective and i am grateful for that.

    Aditi Singhvi

  • When I met Maa Shri..I was in depression because of my health issues... After some time her power of healing... I started living a normal life.. And the best the time of healing.. I felt that I was in heaven..positive thoughts started coming in my mind.
    Thanks to Maa Shri..

    Mrs Kiran Chaudhary

  • I first learnt Reiki from Maa Shri in the year 2015. Since then I have felt a strong bond and a deep spiritual connection with her. At the outset, her calm and composed demeanour is very comforting, which helps you open up and relax. As a Reiki Teacher/Master, she does not only teach you Reiki but blesses you to be healed by it and in the process be a channel to heal others. The attunement/initiation to Reiki itself with Maa Shri, She is a very deep, enriching experience. She makes Reiki lessons special and holistic by integrating meditation and other relaxation techniques and takes one through a series of practice sessions to ensure that one follows the steps appropriately. The Past Life Meditation session with Maa Shri was also a unique experience and brought clarity to certain aspects of my life that I was struggling with. For me, Maa Shri is a Guru/Reiki Teacher, Spiritual Master, and a Companionate Listener. Above all, she is a wonderful human being and it's a blessing to be associated with her.

    Sanjana Sharma


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